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concepts. copy. strategy.

Over the course of my career I’ve worked in every medium, in just about every category. But as “concepts. copy. strategy.” suggests, I bring much more to the table than words. I also deliver the strategic thinking around the brand, the content, and how a story gets told.

With 25+ years of experience collaborating and directing at every stage of production for digital/video/print/events, I’m well-versed in developing and presenting concepts, fleshing out storyboards, directing edits and sound design, determining information architecture and UX, fine-tuning show flow, working out game mechanics, and thinking through audience engagements. My brand strategy work includes helping clients articulate their brand, brand position, brand promise. I can be an objective voice that helps uncover the brand essence living at the foundation of a brand’s mission and vision.

Clients: Black-eyed peas to IT security. Virtual machines to vermicilli. Wi-fi to Wheel of Fortune. In other words, just about any industry out there. In recent years, the focus has been high tech [Dell EMC, VMware, Veritas] but I also have considerable experience in wine/spirits, real estate, healthcare, finance and toys/games/entertainment.

Awards: Yes, lots. My mom really cares about this. If you share her enthusiasm, I can send you a couple of pictures.